Our services

Gutter cleaning & repairs for your home or business


Gutter cleaning & maintenance are key to ensuring your home or business doesn’t suffer from water damage due to overflowing gutters. 

Industrial & domestic wheelie bin cleaning


Dirty wheelie bins collect a build up of residues which cause unpleasant odors and attracts pest infestation. Kings of Dirt clean, deodorise & disinfect your wheelie bin on your allocated bin day.

Roof cleaning and removal off moss


Roof’s are always likely to gather unsightly moss, algae and lichen. Our roof cleaning service uses a soft pressure washing system to clean away all the dirt and restore its natural look. Additionally we offer the extra of replacing broken tiles and repointing of ridges and coating of the full roof.

Patio, path & driveway


Driveways patios & paths can quickly become covered in weeds, dirt and algae making the surface slippery and unpleasant to look at.

Chewing gum & graffiti


In highly populated areas graffiti and chewing gum is a common problem. Graffiti and chewing gum have negative impact on people who visit the area.

Special surfaces


Special surfaces include the cleaning of wetpoor, tennis courts, play areas, render, wood and much more.